Wintertime Fun Without Breaking the Bank


When the cold weather hits it is hard to find fun things to do. It could be the cold. It could be just the wrong season for one’s prefered hobby. Or it could simply be that one can’t imagine anything a person can do without breaking the bank. Luckily there are plenty of fun winter activities that are free or low-cost.

Perhaps the simplest but most overlooked winter activity is simply getting out in the snow and going for a walk. Both children and adults can enjoy a walk in a snowy park or street. Just getting out of the house for a short time can boost moods and help fight the winter blues. You will need warm clothing, a weather appropriate coat and weather-proof shoes. These are things that most people who live in a winter wonderland will already have.


The more adventurous might enjoy a wintertime picnic. No need to worry about ants or other summertime pests. Instead of cold cuts and soda pop a person can bring winter foods. Try packing a thermos with hot coco and fill a basket with warm hearty soups. Don’t forget warm clothes and perhaps a blanket or three to snuggle up in.

If the picnic runs late and it’s allowed, a small bonfire can brighten the night. Build a fire in a fire pit and roast marshmallows. Ghost stories are not just for Halloween! Try giving a winter spin to old tales for new chills. If romance is on the mind then there are few shorter routes than a warm fire under the stars surrounded by falling snow. Up the romance level with an old-fashioned snugly sheepskin blanket.

Bon Fire

The most outdoorsy of people will be challenged by a winter birding walk. Bring bird friendly foods such as sunflower seeds, peanut butter packed with small seeds, and suet blocks to feed new feathered friends during this harsh season. Simply tie the food up into the trees to keep it safe from most scavengers. Don’t feed human foods like bread. It is junk food for birds.

Don’t forget to take along a camera when heading out into the snowy landscape! Winter pictures have a cool charm all of their own. Simply show them off on social sites for a little cold weather camaraderie. After all, everyone takes pictures of pretty flowers and grassy meadows or even spring blossoms. Few people can say that they go out into nature for those postcard perfect shots of frozen lakes, icicles in dawn’s first light, or shy deer nibbling trees. At one time getting the perfect shot was something one needed a pricey camera to do. These days all one needs is the cellphone in your pocket.

Of course not everyone wants to brave the nip in the air for a little fun in the snow. Luckily there are plenty of fun and inexpensive activities that keep one out of the cold. One doesn’t have to hike through the snow to enjoy a hot cup of coco while wrapped in a soft blanket. Pick a comfortable seat by a window, look out at the snow, and enjoy a wintertime treat while staying nice and toasty.

Traditionally wintertime was a chance to practice crafts and hobbies that one would not have time for in nicer weather. Learn to whittle, make your own scarf, or sew up a quilt in this slower season. It’s always a confidence boost to make an item for yourself or to give as a give to someone special. These inexpensive hobbies can open up new worlds or simply pass the time while enjoying some TV.


Cooking is said to reach a fine art in winter. Warm rich soups and dishes made with delicious cheese are a tempting treat when the thermostat is low. Many people take the lower temperatures outside as an invitation to bake sweet treats like fruit pies or delicious cookies simply because they won’t overheat the house with the oven.

Wintertime need not be a dull time of the year. Nor does enjoying it mean dropping a lot of cash. Reigniting a zest for life can start by just putting on some warm shoes or picking up some yarn.

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