Where to Hide Your Christmas Gifts From Kids


Christmas Gifts- ES present Hide1.) In the attic/basement: its dark, scary and dusty. Your kids will never want to go through there! Just be sure to put your presents in a box or in garbage bags so they don’t get all dusty.

2.) Right in front of their eyes: Lets face it this is the last spot they will look! Put all your presents in large boxes or creates and label them something boring like “Old Clothing” or “Tax Papers 2008”.

3.) The Garbage: Get yourself a new large garbage can and hide all your presents in black plastic bags! Just be sure not to throw any trash in there or to bring it out on trash day!

4.) In the Hamper: Kids do not want to do their dirty laundry, let alone touch yours!

5.) Your Car: Keep what you can locked in your trunk as long as they never go back there!

6.) Your Underwear Drawer: or even worse dads’ drawer! No kid is ever going to dig through there!

7.) At a friend’s house: If they have the room and are willing to offer up their space this is the perfect spot! Although you might want to save this spot for the extra special presents, so you don’t take up all of your friends’ room!

8.) In a suite case: If you aren’t traveling anywhere in the near future they will never look here. Why would they?

9.) Under your bed: Just make sure they are disguised and surrounded with old clothes or blankets.

10.) With your Cleaning Supplies: This is especially good for teenagers, they never want to go near this area!

11.) Lockable file cabinet: Just make sure they can’t find the key!

12.) Outdoor Shed: If you shed has rafters you can hide them up there or even buried under all the useless tools that you will not be using anytime soon!



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