6 Ways For Kids To Make Money That Don’t Involve Going Into Your Pockets

Let’s face it, it can be hard work for children to make money. Outside of milking parents for a few extra bucks, being at such a young age doesn’t really bring many monetary options. However, learning how to work for money and put in hard work not only helps children earn some valuable spending money, but it builds confidence and shows them exactly what they can do, as long as they try. Here are several excellent ways children can make money not involving their parents.

1. Collect and Recycle Cans

Can Recycle-ES kids



Depending on where the children live, cans and bottles might be worth some extra money. Some places pay buy the pound, others pay per item. While children won’t get rich quick with this method, it helps clean up the environment while also bringing in some money along the way.

2. Lemonade Stand

lemonade-stand-ES Kids


There’s just nothing like the good old fashion lemonade stand. Selling lemonade on a hot summer day is a great way to make some cash. Networking it with another event, such as a garage sale, is even better. This way, additional foot traffic is coming to the house, right past the lemonade stand. Plus, it is hard to pass up cute children selling lemonade by the glass and not stop to buy a cup. Setting up a stand doesn’t require much work, and with parents putting on a garage sale, it makes it that much better.

3. BabySitting

Babysitting-ES Kids

This isn’t for everyone and it only works for older children who have proven themselves responsible. However, there is some really great money involved here. Parents want to get out of the house from time to time, and this is a fantastic way to do it. Having parents network the child to other parents can help spread the word. Plus, once parents find out about what a good babysitter someone is, they will tell other people about the child. It is hard to beat hourly, tax free money like this, especially when babysitting the kids who have all of the best television channels.

4. Pet sitting

pets-ES Kids

Like babysitting, pets need to be watched as well. From taking dogs on daily walks to making sure the cat has his food and water, this is a rather simple job. It often only takes a few stop overs during the day. This is also a nice opportunity for children who don’t have pets of their own. It may even show their own parents how responsible they are with the pets and demonstrate just how good they could be with their own.

5. Lawn Mowing

lawn-mower-ES Kids

For some, lawn mowing is a pleasure. However, for most other people, lawn mowing is a chore during the weekends. For anyone who doesn’t mind a bit of manual labor, this is a nice way to get outside and make a few extra bucks. When it turns to winter and mowing lawns is no longer an option, children can switch to shoveling snow. Depending on where someone lives, this can really be a great money maker.

6. The Community Paper Route


Delivering the paper every single day probably is not the best option, but the weekly community paper is. This allows children to make some extra cash while also getting some exercise as well. There’s almost a right of passage when it comes to delivering newspapers. Chances are, a physical newspaper is not long for this world, especially in the delivery format. Due this, the current generation might be the last generation to actually experience this form of money making. For children who are looking to make a few extra bucks, this is a fine job. The only difference between this job and the others is that, depending on how much they get paid, they might need to least file taxes, if not pay taxes. It is a lesson learned about the tax man and how to save for paying taxes, which is important.

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