Valentine’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Chocolate or Flowers

When Valentine’s Day comes each year, stores are quick to set out enormous displays of flowers and chocolate candies. While nice, these gifts can fall flat, especially if the object of your affection is dieting or has allergies. If you’re looking for other options to show your love, here are some less-traditional gift ideas for the upcoming holiday.

A Carefully Planned Outing

ice-hockey-ES Vday gift

Planning a date or outing with the one you love proves you know their interests and want to spend time with them. If your love is a sports fan, consider buying tickets to a game or a meet-and-greet event with his or her favorite player. If your valentine loves cooking and food, consider getting tickets to a tasting event or reserve a table at a restaurant catering to their preferred cuisine. If the one you love already has everything they need, a new experience with you is a great gift.

A Gift Card

A gift card allows your valentine to buy exactly what they want. This is great for situations when you’d like to buy your love gear or supplies for a sport or hobby but don’t know exactly what they’d like. For example, if your lover is an equestrian and has said they need a new saddle or bridle for their horse, you may be out of your depth choosing these items if you aren’t a rider yourself. If your love is an artist and needs supplies, these items are best chosen by the artist. The same can also be said for computer lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Enclose a gift card, perhaps one you received from EarningStation, along with a note saying you remember that they needed a particular item and you want them to have it. This shows that you pay attention and are attentive to your lover’s needs.

A Course of Lessons

pottery class-ES Vday gift

If your valentine has expressed an interest in learning a second language, brushing up on their painting skills or firing pottery, a course of classes or lessons can make a great gift. If you attend with them, this gift also shows your commitment to the relationship and your love’s happiness. Check out Groupon on EarningStation for lesson offered in your area! Give the gift of knowledge and get rewarded for it on EarningStation.

Quirky Jewelry

Commercials and print ads for Valentine’s Day gifts often showcase a sparkly selection of diamonds, gold and platinum, but jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to show your love. Depending on your beloved’s style, a woven bracelet with a few charms that are meaningful to your relationship may be more appropriate. You can also consider a fine silk cord necklace with an elegant pendant. For men, leather jewelry is timeless and rugged. If you want to give jewelry but aren’t comfortable dropping a mortgage payment on something sparkly, think about other materials and how they could fit in with your love’s style.

Choosing a Valentine’s Day gift can be difficult, especially if you don’t want to go with traditional flowers or chocolates. By carefully considering these alternatives, you can find a gift that’s a perfect fit for your beloved.

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