Tricks and Tips for saving money while shopping online

ES-Shopping Online

Shopping can be a fun experience. But for those who shop as a hobby, it can quickly be a financial burden. However, there are a few tips and tricks to put into practice that will help shoppers to save money in online stores.

Get What You Need And Then Leave

Most wasted money is probably spent browsing around the digital store after the consumer buys what she wanted. Many sites try to take advantage of that by offering a deal after she added her item into the cart. But that would be an example of impulse buying. The wise consumer would just buy what she wants and then leave.

Search Different Outlets

An individual might have found exactly what she needed on social media, but discovered that it is pretty expensive. Well, she should keep that tab open and continue shopping around. She could conduct a Google search of the brand and find the best price.

Leave The Item In The Cart

ES-Shopping Cart

If a consumer were to leave an item in her digital shopping cart, she would probably get an e-mail the next day reminding her of it. Retailers want to secure that purchase. Sometimes they will even email her a couple of days later with a coupon code. A further benefit of this tactic will be that it will help her to practice self-control in her shopping habits.

Take Advantage of Customer Loyalty

If a consumer finds an outlet that she likes, she should find out if they have some sort of rewards program. Companies want to encourage repeat customers, so they might offer discounts to those who shop there a lot. Use

Clear Cookies On The Browser

Most consumers know that outlets collect their browsing history to advertise to them. But sometimes they will collect browsing history to raise the price. If a digital store discerns that a consumer is willing to pay more for a particular product, it might raise the price. For example, if a consumer was looking at several pairs of $70 jeans, a store might raise their price from $50 to $70 because they know that the person is willing to pay that much. The best way to avoid that is for the consumer to clear her browser’s cookies before making a purchase. She should also log out of social media accounts.


Be Patient

Even if a consumer is excited about the prospect of getting her new product, she would be wise to wait for a better deal. Outlets sometimes lower their prices on certain days of the week. Further, if it is a major purchase (like a $400 pair of boots), she could wait a few months for the price to go down.
Multiple Email Addresses

ES-Email Addresses

Often, retailers do not send the same coupons to every customer. They will choose a group randomly and send the major coupons to them. If a consumer has multiple email addresses registered with her favorite outlet, she will be more likely to get every coupon that comes out. She might even receive a few at a time.

Ship To The Store

Many retailers will charge a fee if a product is shipped directly to the consumer’s home. However, shipping will often be free if she has it sent directly to the store. If there is a local store, she could exercise that option and save a few dollars (or more depending on the size of the product).

Invite Friends!

Friends are usually receptive to a referral (as long as they are not being spammed). Many stores will reward customers with discounts for referring friends to their store.

A Retroactive Discount

ES-Customer LoyaltyIf a consumer were to purchase something that went on sale the day after, she could still receive that discount. She would just need to contact customer service and ask them about it. Stores will usually comply.

Online shopping has become a major industry. Consumers can exercise these tips to get the most for their money.

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