Tips on how to make family night a success


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Families often do not spend enough time together any more. One way to turn the tide on this is to establish a family night where everyone in the household can come together and just enjoy being together. The hustle and bustle of daily life can lead to a breakdown in communication between parents and their kids. As children get older, they need more guidance so that they feel more open to discuss their problems and emotions with their family members.

Focus on the Fun Aspect of the Evening

Parents can often ruin the fun of family night because they are too controlling and rigid with the schedule for the evening’s events. This can make children feel upset and pressured to act as though they are enjoying themselves. The point of this type of night is to have everyone feel great and inspire them to want to spend more time with their family members. As kids get older and more independent, they often view their parents as cash machines and chauffeurs. Early intervention is necessary to salvage fruitful interpersonal relationships.

Unplug Your Electronic Devices

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Let Children Have a Say in the Activities

Children like to have their voices heard because it makes them feel validated. The first family night will set the tone moving forward so everyone needs to feel as engaged as possible. It is a good idea to compile a list of fun activities that each person enjoys so that takes turns and can really be a leader and enhance the experience.

Be as Silly as Possible

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Being fun and silly resonates with children. Being a parent can be hard because children often see the parents as “good or bad cops”. Overcoming this mindset is important to establishing a solid parent-child bond. Children love to laugh so seeing a parental figure engage them this way is amazing and helps build memories that they will cherish for many years to come.

Be Creative with the Fun Activities

Creativity is the key to having a successful family night. The Internet can be a great resource to find age appropriate games that even adults can participate in. Once you have a list of five to ten you can begin to plan how you will decorate the home so that everyone can get into the spirit of things.

Make Snacks with the Kids for Fun

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People love to eat at family fun night. Letting kids get involved in making the food allows there to be even more fun for the night. Parents need to try and be as organized prior to the evening so that they do not become frazzled trying to get everything into place. Kids thrive on consistency and order so a great night can be achieved with lists and a lot of forethought.

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