Tips for Staying Warm, While Saving Money


1. It is a lot easier to warm up your body temperature than it is to warm up a room. Put and extra layer of clothing on before turning up the heat

2. Keep shades closed all night to conserve heat and open them up during the day to let in sunlight.

3. Turn off attic fans or vents and check attic insulation.

4.Cover drafty windows and block drafty doors to keep the heat in and the cold air out.

5. Programmable thermostat. This way you are not waisting money by keeping it on all day, but you wont be coming home to an igloo!

6.Turn on your ceiling fan to the lowest speed. Hot air rises this will give the heat chance to circulate and make its way back down to you.

7.Using your oven heats up the house pretty quickly. So bake and cook to your hearts desire!

8.Layer your blankets. Fluffier blankets should be close to your skin, while thin dense blankets should be on top to trap the heat in. ATTENTION: Surprise bonus code “Toasty”

9.Hot showers warm you up right away, but cold showers have a lot of benefits. They improve blood circulation and are even connected to stronger immune systems.

10.Leave your doors open to give the heat a chance to move throughout the house.

11.You may have to move your furniture around. If your bed or sofa is covering a heating vent or radiator you are certainly loosing money and restricting the heat flow. It is also better for you if your furniture is not placed directly against an exterior wall. You will be a lot warmer if you leave a little space between the two.

12.Using other sources of heat such as a fire place or a space heater. This can shave off a tremendous amount on your gas or oil bill!

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