Tips for Hosting the Perfect Game Day Party

Fall is here, and with fall comes football season! Weather you’re a fan of college football or the NFL, football season is the perfect excuse to have a game day party with family and friends!


However, hosting a game day party can be stressful. You’re left worrying and thinking… but where will everyone sit that they can view the game? You have the unorganized feeling of who is bringing what. And as the day approaches, you think do we have enough food and drinks? Which can cause you to run back to the store and over buy.


Football Season


Here are some tips to relive that stress and make you feel prepared and confident. Follow these tips and ensure you kickoff the perfect game day party.


1.Pre plan:  Make sure you know who is coming ahead of time and what they will be bringing. This will ensure you know what snacks you should have and how much food and beverages you will need. This will eliminate the last minute trip to the store, which we often find ourselves doing.

2. Do not wait until last minute to clean and set up: Doing this the day of the party is extremely stressful not only for you but everyone in the house. Make sure you have everything you need and set up before hand to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Rearrange furniture if needed or pull the extra chairs out the basement ahead of time, no one wants to be sitting on the floor during game day. Also place some extra garbage baskets around the room, this will help tremendously when it comes to cleaning up after the game day celebration is over.

3. Decorations: Being able to dress up the room will really add that extra touch. Signs, banners, and balloons are a fun way to support your favorite team right from your living room. Check out your local dollar store for some football inspired decorations!Football Decorations

4. Beverages: Make sure you have plenty of cold drinks ahead of time. You do not want your guests drinking a warm beverage…and this does not just go for alcoholic beverages! If you have the ability putting an iced bucket or cooler full of drinks near the TV might be helpful. This will ensure your wont have to keep running to the fridge and possibly missing an important play! Another smart idea would be to have some chill glasses for your guests.

5. Snacks: And keep them coming! Finger foods are best, they are easy to restock and a quick clean. The traditional chips and dip are easiest, but do not be scared to try something different! There are oodles of fun recipes online to go with your football theme!picjumbo.com_IMG_9784

6. Kids: if there are kids around make sure there are plenty of kid friendly snacks and drinks for them. This will not only keep them happy but also included in the fun! Football games can be long for a child so pull out the board games and coloring books to keep them busy when they lose interest in the game.

Most importantly remember to have fun and hope your team wins!

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