The Best Ways to Decorate Your House For The Holidays on a Budget


christmas lights

The holiday season is upon us, with festive decorations and music all around. You want to get your house in the holiday spirit, but all those lights, trees, wreaths, and nativity scenes can be expensive. Fortunately, inexpensive and free Christmas decor is available in places you might not expect.

Festive Frames

Take a trip to your local thrift store and search for frames painted white, gold, silver, red, or green. You could paint wood frames you find, but the most cost-effective way is to choose frames that already have a holiday-appropriate color. With your frames in hand, visit a craft store that sells scrapbook paper. Find holiday prints that coordinate with the frames you found, buy a couple of sheets with pocket change and cut them to fit your frames. Another frugal option is to visit the dollar store and buy wrapping paper, or you could use free Christmas paper you already have at home. Line up your frames across your mantle or display them on a table around a holiday candle.

Holly and Ivy


Holy Branch-ES DecoreLook in your yard. If you have evergreen trees or holly bushes, now is the time to trim branches full of red berries. Check with friends and neighbors and see if they are willing to part with a few of their holly branches or other evergreens. With some craft wire and a few branches, you have all you need to put together an authentic wreath in less than fifteen minutes. Have leftovers? Put them to work for your holiday theme:

– Arrange leftover branches and berries around your frames on the mantle.

– Tie branches to your mailbox with red ribbon.

– Fill vases or mason jars you already have with branches and style your tables for the season.

– Arrange the branches around a candle in a jar.

– Weave branches through your chandelier.

– Remove the glass from a frame and glue branches to a piece of painted cardboard or paper for three-dimensional wall decor.

– Lay branches in your bookshelves and strategically place ball ornaments among them.

– Line the base of your TV or entertainment station with holly or evergreens and make every movie a Christmas movie.


Christmas Card Tree

An economical alternative to the traditional (expensive) Christmas tree is to arrange holiday cards on the wall in the shape of a tree. You’ll enjoy more visibility of the messages and photos from loved ones and you’ll save yourself the hassle of watering a traditional tree.

Songs and Scents

One pine or peppermint-scented candle doesn’t give much visual impact, but the sense of smell is the most powerful one! Your decorations will warm hearts and stand out more with a comforting scented holiday candle. The same goes for carols and instrumental Christmas music. Create a free Christmas music playlist and keep the tunes cranking all season long to fill your home with the holiday spirit.

Gifts Everywhere

Gifts-ES Holday Decore

Use inexpensive or leftover Christmas wrap on books or boxes you collect from around your house. Place these faux presents on your tables, shelves, and entertainment center to add to the excitement of Christmas without having to buy extra presents.

Let It Snow

In a nod to elementary school art class and Buddy the Elf, fold white paper and cut out unique snowflake patterns to hang in the window. You’ll love the nostalgic feeling as you work on them and seeing your snowflakes from your favorite chair will make you feel like a child on Christmas morning!

Decorating for the holidays is fun no matter the scale or budget. The creativity and excitement you’ll enjoy while putting your decorations together is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit!


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