5 Spring Activities For Children

As spring rolls around, many parents are concerned with keeping their children entertained while out of school. Don’t worry though, there are always lots of fun activities to do wherever you live.

1. Chalk Fun

ES- Spring Chalk


One of my favorite things to do, especially with the younger ones, is sidewalk chalk. The kids get fresh air, and they get to show their creative side. This is also a good time to teach kids games like hopscotch. You could even have them trace a friend or sibling and have them draw the features as they see them. Another fun thing to do is the park. All kids love the park, and when it is spring, the weather is not too hot yet to be able to enjoy the weather. Its a nice way to wear them down too if you get worried about them being too antsy.

2. Museums

ES-spring Mus

If you want more of an activity for older kids, you can always visit museums. Many libraries across the country offer free passes to many cultural sites around your city. These are always a good thing to visit. It’s a really good time to keep the brains sharp while school is out. Also, libraries tend to have their own events as well. These can be good for children of all ages. You could also do nature walks and explore all the wonderful plants that are starting to bloom in your area.

3. Baking Goodies

ES_ Spring Baking
An activity that always goes well in the spring time is baking goodies. Children love learning new things, and why not have them help you make cookies from scratch? How about a pie? Not only will the process create bonding time with you and your kids, but it will help them with real-life math. Not only will they have fun preparing the items, they will have just as much eating it as well.


4. Zoo

ES-Zoo sprin
Another popular spring activity is visiting the zoo. Animals tend to be a little bit more lively during the spring, as the weather is not too hot nor too cold. Many zoos also have events and shows you can partake in as well. Plus, there will be other kids visiting as well for your little ones to talk to. Children of all ages will enjoy a walk around the zoo, especially during feeding times. And the gift shop, what kid doesn’t like going in there?

5. Inside fun

ES_ Spring Arcade
If doing the outdoors thing is not your cup of tea, there is plenty to do indoors as well. Arcades offer a variety of games to do for children of all ages. Some days just sitting together and watching movies is the right choice of activity for you. When it gets to be Easter time, coloring eggs can be lots of fun. You can find the kits in just about any store, or you can combine food coloring and water together if you prefer. Any kind of arts and crafts tend to be a hit.

Overall, spring is wonderful time to get out and about with your children. Spend some time outdoors, breathing in all that wonderful fresh spring air. The weather is nice, plants have started blooming, and kids are ready to play. You can never go wrong with outdoor play, but sometimes just cuddling up to a good movie or baking is what you may need.

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