Some of the Best Summer Activities

ES-Summer Sand Castle

Summer is that special time of year when people shed their extra clothes and their stresses as they take advantage of the fun activities and events that go along with the warmer weather. There are all sorts of things that you and your family or friends can do over the summer to create memories that will last a lifetime. All it takes is a little bit of planning, creativity, and the willingness to get out of your existing comfort zone long enough to find a new one. The most common mistake people make during the summer months is repeating the same types of activities year after year, which can grow old after some time, regardless of how fun those traditions were at first. Learning to branch out and try something new is the best way to keep your summers special and memorable. We’ve outlined a few ideas below to help you get started.

Road Trips

ES_ Summer Road Trip

If you’ve never been on a long road trip with a few of your buddies, you’re missing out. In the past it was all about seeing where the open road would take you, but now it can be much more comprehensive, and much more enjoyable. We have devices that create routes for us based on where we want to go, and you can even find supposed ‘perfect’ road trip routes online in just a few clicks. Not only is this a great way to enjoy spending time with close friends while getting out into the world, but it is relatively inexpensive as well.

River Tubing

ES_River Tubing

Most people instantly conjure images of shimmering shorelines and the wide open ocean when they think of summer fun, but there are better ways to stay cool in the heat. Tubing down a chilly river is one of those things. For those of you who have never experienced this, it will be difficult to imagine the level of relaxation you can achieve, especially if you go when the water is high and slow. There are even tube expeditions that will take you up to a high point on a mountain river so you can enjoy the exhilarating turbulence of a downhill flow.


Garedening-es Summer

The realities of life often restrict the days of legitimate fun activities during the summer, but there are ways to enjoy the fair weather that you can do at home every day, like gardening. The feeling of nurturing a seed into a full grown plant, and then cooking and eating the spoils of your labor is inspiring. Once you get a taste of it (pun intended), you won’t be able to stop. Starting your own garden in your back yard is a great way to enjoy the outdoors day to day, while also learning about the circle of life. It is also an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, which is great for larger families.


ES-Summer Exploring

There’s only so much you can learn from seeing a place on a map on your smartphone. Sure, you might know how to get there, and the names of the roads, but you can’t fully appreciate something until you’ve seen it in person. Many people have lost that desire to explore, to see things for themselves. Summer is one of the best times to get out of your comfort zone and experience something unique. You may not see anything particularly amazing, but few things truly fit that description. The rest is just the world as it is, and it deserves to be seen.

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