How to Save Money on Beauty Products

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Beauty products help accentuate natural features and hide little blemishes, but they’re far from cheap. Good quality beauty products usually come with a hefty price tag for small containers, and many people believe these are prices that need to be paid in order to obtain those beautiful looks and styles we crave. However, getting those beautiful looks and styles doesn’t have to result in an empty bank account. There are many easy ways that anyone can save money on beauty products.

1.Cut Open the Containers to Get as Much Out as Possible
Stretching out what is left in a container for as long as possible helps push out the need for a replacement. It’s amazing how much product gets wasted simply because there’s no easy access to what’s left at the bottom of a container. Tubes and bottles can both be cut open easily, just be careful to avoid cutting a finger in the process since thicker plastic can be tougher to get through. Scrape or squeeze what’s left into a smaller container with a cover and use that until it’s completely empty.

2.Search Online for Coupons, Sales and Special Offers
Beauty products typically aren’t on the top of the list of things that would usually have coupons or good sales, but there are many stores and manufacturers that frequently have great deals that can easily be found online. It’s a good idea to check the social media pages of these stores and manufacturers since it’s becoming increasingly popular to have deals and coupons that are available exclusively to people following on social media.

3.Make It from Scratch
One of the best ways to save money on beauty supplies is by making them with inexpensive ingredients instead of buying them. There are several easily made alternatives to many beauty products. For example, cinnamon oil is used as a lip plumper and moisturizer, cucumbers, sugar and mint can be used to make a facial scrub, coconut oil can be used as makeup remover, and shea butter, peppermint and rosemary can be used to make body butter. There are many creative combinations in books and online, and people are always experimenting with various ingredients to make more custom products.

4.When Shopping Online, Leave the Products in the Cart Overnight
This is a tip that can be used with many online stores for nearly any type of product. When buying beauty supplies online, leave them in the cart overnight instead of checking out immediately. Many stores will send an email after a while with a reminder that the items in the cart haven’t been checked out. As incentive to complete the purchase, they may offer a percentage off of the total or coupons for the next transaction.

5.Look for Beauty Products at the Dollar Store
Most dollar stores have a wide variety of great beauty products to choose from, and they’re all for a dollar or at least at a much lower price than a lot of other retail stores. They may not carry top of the line brands, but they have many high-quality brands to choose from.

6.Try Before Buying
It’s a common experience to buy an expensive beauty product only to find that it didn’t work well or wasn’t preferable. Most beauty products cannot be returned to the store once they’ve been opened or used, so that money could be completely wasted on a disappointment. Instead of getting a regular sized container, try to find a sample of the product in a magazine or online. If there is no sample or trial size available, buy a travel sized container instead.

7.Enroll in Rewards Programs
Many stores have great rewards programs that allow customers to accumulate points for makeup samples, gift cards and more. Check all of the details of the program before enrolling to avoid fees or other complications.

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