The NEW and IMPROVED EarningStreak


What is the EarningStreak?

EarningStation wanted a way to give everyday members a new way to earn even more. The EarningStreak is simple. All you have to do is earn $0.25 a day to continue with your streak, so no more required activities to complete! You are free to choose and earn as you please. Once you have earned $0.25 for 10 days in a row you will be rewarded with a money incentive in your account and a free spin from our EarningStation Spin Wheel!

What happens when I complete my first EarningStreak?

Once you complete the first 10 days of your EarningStreak, you will receive $1.00 in your account and a free spin at our EarningStation spin wheel, full of new and exciting rewards, including money, gift cards, and physical prizes that will be shipped to your house!

Every 10 days your money incentive will increase by $0.25, once you have reached $3.50, this will be the highest incentive you can receive, but don’t worry, once you have reached $3.50 you will not go back to 0 (zero days)! Make sure you continue with your streak so you can continue to receive $3.50 in your account every 10 days!

Can my EarningStreak go longer than 10 Days?

Yes, the EarningStreak doesn’t just stop after 10 days. You can complete your EarningStreak as many days in a row as you please. This allows you to earn up to $3.50 and a PrizeSpin every 10 days as long you keep your streak going.

How do I spin the prize wheel?

If you have a prize waiting for you, you will see a bright multicolored wheel spinning at the top right hand corner of your page. Click on this and it will take you to your free spin!

What happens if I miss a day? 

Unfortunately, if you miss a day your EarningStreak counter will go back to zero.

Will my current streak be affected?

Your current streak will continue as it is, your counter will not reset to zero.

Ready to start your EarningStreak?

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