Money Saving Tips For The Upcoming Holidays

Money Saving Tips For The Upcoming Holidays

Free ChristmasThere is no such thing as free Christmas. Or is there? Holidays are expected to be the most fun and exciting time of the year. It’s filled with gifts, close family members and relatives, food, and the festive spirits of people around you. But holidays are also associated with cost, from money spent on food and gifts to the expensive peak-season rates of airlines and hotels. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can save money for the upcoming holidays.

Determine Your Sweet Spot

Every individual or family has a sweet spot when it comes to how much they can spend for the upcoming holidays. Knowing this piece of information helps avoid overspending during your holiday shopping ritual. Most households approach holiday spending the wrong way. The first thing they do is construct a list of people who they plan on giving a gift to and then list possible gift options and prices. Ideally, you should work around your predetermined budget and not the number of people or price of gifts you’ve planned for.

Build Your List 

Once you’ve identified your sweet spot, it’s time to make a list of all the people you will be shopping for. Be sure to check the list twice for any people you might have forgotten. It costs you time and gas money to have to double back to the shopping center or gift shop and puts you at greater risk of buying something on impulse. Having a list makes the shopping process simple and straightforward.

Take Advantage Of Technology

For better or worse, technology is here to stay so might as well use them to your advantage. You can find many websites that let you send out free Christmas e-cards. Some of the higher-end e-Cards may cost a buck or two but is cheaper in general since they don’t require postage. You can also participate in online surveys to earn money on the side. Sites like Earning Station offer easy ways to get rewarded for online activity. Users simply have to complete short surveys, play games, and clink on advertiser’s special deals.

Cease All Miscellaneous Expenses For Two Months

The easiest way to save money is of course to stop spending it. If you stop spending for two months prior the holidays, it helps you avoid the hike in prices of goods. Many in-demand products like Christmas trees, lights, fireworks, and wine are usually more expensive before the holidays and then become cheaper during and after the occasions. The savings accumulated throughout the 2-month abstinence from expenses give you more buying power per dollar which you can spend in early January when price of goods eventually normalize or become discounted.


Not only can recycling benefit the environment, but may benefit your pockets as well. As the year ends, recycling old electronics, furniture, and plastic can yield instant profits. This also frees up space and prepares your household for any renovations and makeovers that you have planned for the following year. There are various recycling programs online that will gladly reward you for your environmental efforts.

Adopting these 5 money-saving tips not only reduces costs for the upcoming holidays, but equips you with a lifelong skill set you can use to secure a financial future. It won’t be easy breaking your old holiday spending habits alone, so make sure to get everyone in the family on board.

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