Money-Saving Tips for Fall

Money-Saving Tips for Fall

In the season between summer and winter, there are very specific ways to save money. It’s the time of year when shoppers can get the best sale prices, and homeowners can work on their home to save money during winter.


Take Advantage of Fall Sales
Shoppers can find incredible deals on clearance items as retailers work on clearing their shelf spaces for back-to-school deals. Those who are intent on saving money in the fall can often purchase items for next summer at extremely low prices. Whether it’s the back-to-school deals, Black Friday or Cyber Monday, smart shoppers can save for large purchases on these days too. These fall sales offer deals that beat other current discounts. It pays to wait to make important purchases on these sale days.

Home Energy Prep
Homeowners should spend the cooler months during fall fixing their heating and cooling system. If they wait until there’s a problem, it will cost thousands more for the repairs. As well as high repair bills, the homeowner risks a busy season where technicians are unable to fit them into a full schedule. There’s no guarantee that a heating system will fail during the day, and nighttime repair visits can triple in costs.

Earn Money on the Side

It can help the budget if the person earns money on the side with a site like Earning Station. Whether it’s taking surveys, shopping online or watching videos, it’s a great way to earn extra cash for fall purchases. The site pays with a favorite gift card or a deposit of cash into a PayPal account. There are times when saving money on purchases isn’t enough. This is true around the holidays too.

Abandon Heat and Air Conditioning
In September and October, it’s unlikely that anyone needs air conditioning since the air has cooled considerably. The heating system isn’t needed either. This lull in heating and cooling can help homeowners save a ton of money on their energy bill. That money can be applied towards winter heating bills or used to maintain the home’s heating system before winter.

Declutter and Sell
This is the perfect time to clean and declutter the home. The garage, attic, basement and bedroom closets could use a deep cleaning, and all the unneeded items can be sold during a yard sale or online in classified ads. It would depend on the value of the items. It’s never a good idea to sell expensive items in a yard sale. It’s difficult to get a fair price on the item.

Digital Heating System
Over the course of the winter, a few degrees reduction in temperature can result in a few hundred dollars in savings. Instead of leaving the heat at 71 during the day while at work, many homeowners lower it to 67 or 69 to lower their heating bill. A digital heating system can remember the settings and schedule to ensure that the temperature is lowered and raised at the correct time.

Identify and Fix Leaks
Fall is the best time to check for leaks and have them fixed. Around the door frames, window frames and around the baseboards, heat can escape during the winter. The homeowner can feel around these areas for drafts or puffs of air. It should be done when there’s a light breeze outside to feel the air.

Cheap Entertainment
There are often plenty of activities in the fall around town. From apple or harvest festivals to haunted houses, there’s plenty to do that will save the budget. Most towns have their own annual festivities while it’s also smart to check neighboring towns too.

These are all good ways to save money in the fall. From heating maintenance tips to cheap entertainment in the fall, there are plenty of smart ways to save.


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