Introducing the Earnings Streak!

We are excited to introduce the new Earnings Streak on EarningStation!

Introducing the Earnings Streak

What is the Earnings Streak?

EarningStation wanted a way to give everyday members a new way to earn even more StationDollars! The Earnings Streak is simple! All you have to do is complete the Daily Poll, Daily Video, Daily Dose and Daily LiveSample each day! Just by doing this you will earn 7 SD per day! Once you have completed all four events for 10 days in a row you will have completed you first Earnings Streak!

EarningStation's Earnings Streak

What happens when I complete my first Earnings Streak?

Once you complete your first Earnings Streak you will earn double StationDollars on your Daily events such as the Daily Poll, Daily Video, Daily Dose and Daily LiveSample. That means you will earn 14 SD for what was once 7 SD.

Can my Earnings Streak go longer than 10 Days?

Yes, the Earnings Streak doesn’t just stop after 10 days. If you complete the Earnings Streak for 30 days you will earn triple StationDollars on your Daily events! Now the 7 SD turns into 21 SD per day!

Think you can complete it for even longer than 30 days?

Complete the Earnings Streak for 50 consecutive days and you will earn 4x SD! That would be 28 SD per day! 

How The Earnings Streak Works

What happens if I miss a day? 

Unfortunately, if you miss a day your Earnings Streak counter will go back to zero.

Ready to start your Earnings Streak?

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