How to Get the Wardrobe You’ve Always Wanted on A Budget

How to Get the Wardrobe You’ve always Wanted on A Budget
Listening to many stylists on TV and online, the idea of building a better closet seems to gather lots of mentions and for good reasons. These assertions are informed by the assessment that a better closet can boost self confidence and speed the morning routine. Getting your wardrobe in good shape doesn’t necessarily mean spending too much money on designer clothing’s or narrowing down your existing pieces. The first thing you need to do is know your personal style, and then make an assessment of what you have or don’t have in your wardrobe. The last step is to have your budget, cut out before hitting the stores. Below is a detailed look at 6 strategies for getting the wardrobe you’ve always wanted on a budget:

Establish your clothing budget

The first step is to establish how much money you want to spend on your new wardrobe. The decision will be largely tied to your paycheck and how much money you want to spend from your savings. Financial planners recommended setting at least 5% of your take home amount on clothing per month. This can go a long way to prevent out of sync spending sprees that might leave you in a worse financial position. When you are out shopping, you can also save money by obtaining coupons from retail stores, take advantage of seasonal sales and hunt for good deals at thrift shops and second hand stores.

Be realistic

Don’t let fashion solely drive your wardrobe intentions, because an item that is fashionable today might not be so thrilling after a month or so. In the same vein, a style that works for another person might not necessarily work for you. For this reason, you need to stay true to yourself by considering such aspects as your body type and personality when shopping.Get inspiration from blogs and magazines

There are hundreds of clothing style blogs, magazines and online shops that offer many ideas on how to build a wardrobe. The insights provided can help you find discounted items along with trendy or new outfits that will align with your desired wardrobe. For example, you can stack up every item of interest using Pinterest and other resources and have them saved in your computer. You can choose to organize your outfits based on style, color or other desired combinations. There are also a number of online platforms like Earning Station that offer loyalty rewards such as discounts to shoppers who subscribe to the sites activities.Assess your closet

Before moving to the store, you need to assess what you have in your closet and what you need to buy. While making an assessment, you can pull out the nice pieces that you haven’t worn or expect to wear and hand them over to charity to create room for a new wardrobe. This will help prevent double purchasing.Consider buying classic wear

Taking a back look at classical clothing’s that have stood the test of time offers a clear path in managing a budget prudently. The selections that come quickly into the picture include the leather jacket, fitting jeans and knitwear’s. Since classics are always in vogue, spending your hard earned money on them is never a bad idea in the long run. Once the classics are in place, you can get accompaniments like t-shorts, belts and shoes to complete your wardrobe.Lose weight save money

The size of the clothes you buy or wear often have a lot to do with your weight and physique. More quintessential, you should strive to buy well-fitting outfits that you crave in order to boost your self image. The best way to manage your expectations under this kind of arrangement is to award yourself a cash bonanza for every pound of weight you lose. The savings can then be used to purchase fitting outfits for your new wardrobe.

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