How to Have a Fun Weekend Without Breaking the Bank

How to Have a Fun Weekend Without Breaking the Bank

Everybody wants to have fun, and some people want to have it on the weekend. Grownups and parents want to have fun after they slave away at their jobs, and kids want to have fun after they boggle their minds in school. The problem that often arises when people try to have fun is cash. The word fun is often synonymous with the terms “high cost” and “big money.” Fortunately, there are still at least six ways left that you can have fun without breaking the bank!




movie-2270554_960_7201. Discounted Movie Matinees 

Movies are always an awesome source of fun because they tend to take the mind off of life’s problems. There is nothing like a good romance movie or a comedy flick to make one forget about a loss of love or all the seriously dismal things that occur from day to day in this world. Movies don’t always cost an arm and a leg, though. Many theaters across the nation provide huge discounts during certain times of the day. And yes, sometimes they are crazy enough to offer the discounts on the weekends.



2. Bowling Specials

Bowling is a super-fun activity that may also be available to you on the weekend. It may be more difficult to find a bowling alley with a special

on the weekend than it is to find a movie theater with one, but you can do it. The options
are definitely out there. All you need to do is be proactive and call around. Some alleys have certain time slots during which they offer shoes and games for as little as $1-$2.


3. Sign up With EarningStation

EarningStation is a site that will pay you to conduct tasks. Some of those tasks may include
shopping online, taking a trip or conducting
a survey. When you earn enough money completing various tasks, you can then take that money and use it for gift cards. The gift cards can help out to take some of the costs off of the things that you are doing.


4. Beach WalkingGDRK7SUSBG

Beach walking is still an event that you can do for free. In fact, you can make a wh
ole inexpensive trip out of it by walking all the way to the beach and then walking on the beach. You and your loved one can get a good dose of cardiovascul
ar exercise during the walk, and you can avoid paying a high beachside parking fee. You can then observe the other beachgoers or engage with the water as an onlooker, photographer or hands-on surfing superstar.




5. Local Parks

Local parks can be amazing places to have fun. They range in amenities, features and scenery. You can find an inexpensive park that has wildlife on it, or you can find one that allows barbecuing. You’ll have access to a huge playground, too. Sometimes, you may get lucky and come across one that has a little mini water park type area. This will be heaven for the little ones.


SN43I4ZCM66. Free Concerts

Finally, free concerts can be the per
fect solution to boredom and short funds in your household. You may get lucky and come across a free concert at a park in your local area. You can go to the park, sit under the shade, and listen to a good band play some meaningful music. Music can affect your soul and bring forth a positive mood if it has a positive beat and rhythm to it. It may be just what you and your family need. Check the classifieds and see if anything is listed in there about an upcoming concert.


Hopefully, you see that there is still hope when it comes to finding creative and inexpensive ways to have fun. Try one of these methods today and have a blast with your family!


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