Fun Fall Activities For The Whole Family

Fall is one of the most wonderful seasons. Between back to school, pumpkin spice lattes, yoga pants and boots, falling leaves, and holidays, every family should have great activities to both reconnect and have fun. When the air turns cooler, it is easy to stay inside, but getting out and doing something fun as a family can be one of the greatest gifts for creating memories that will last a lifetime.
Whether you are just finding something fun, or starting a new family tradition, there are so many activities that are fun for the whole family during the fall season. Put on your long sleeves and get ready for some fun times with family and friends. Here are some fun and often free things you can do together:

1. Visit A Pumpkin Patch


Look online and find a pumpkin patch near your home. These farms are stocked with pre-picked pumpkins as well as “you-pick-em” pumpkins. Choose the experience you want based on your family. Many of these pumpkin patches also offer other activities as well which make them great for a whole day worth of fun. Some of the activities include: hay rides, corn mazes, petting zoo, bounce houses, field games, baked goods, free christmas ornament making, and other fun and exciting activities.

2. Visit A Corn Maze


The corn maze is such a fun activity for all ages. Each maze is different and if you have a mix of older and younger children, it is always fun to have a race. Many corn mazes offer activities along the way. Some hide articles in the maze and offer a scavenger hunt in conjunction with the difficulty of the maze itself for added family fun. Take pictures with the scarecrows, have a friendly family competition, and come back at night to go through the haunted corn maze. Each delivers unique and exciting family experiences.

3. Take A Hay Ride


Many farms and pumpkin patches also offer hay rides. These can be fun and educational, where the driver provides fun facts about the farm itself or the agricultural community, or they can be “haunted.” Each option is so much fun for families and provides memories to last a life time.

4. Go Apple Picking


There is nothing quite like the fresh, crisp, cool bite of an apple. Apple picking is fun for all ages. Grab a basket and help out a local farmer. Fresh picked apples make for the best apple pies, caramel apples, candy apples, and lunch box treats.

Once your family arrives home with their apple haul, start the pot with some caramels, candies, or chocolate for an even sweeter treat. Add nuts, candy chips, marshmallow, and other sweet goodies. Let each family member create their own apple and take turns tasting the creations. These may be sweet but they will also be incredibly delicious.

5. Carve Pumpkins


If you have visited a pumpkin patch or just chosen a pumpkin from the store, it is so much fun to get creative in the carving. Pumpkin carving is fun for the whole family. Who doesn’t love digging out pumpkin guts? Find free templates for carving your pumpkin online at various places and let the creativity flow freely. Everything from the classic Jack-O-Lantern style to the most elaborate carvings will be fun for the entire family.

For an added, delicious bonus, have someone separate out the seeds and roast them in the oven.

6. Rake The Leaves (Then Jump In Them)


One of the most fun activities of the fall season is jumping into a pile of leaves. Even pets can get into something like that. Have everyone grab a rake and get to work. After you have a good sized pile, take turns running and jumping. Make sure to keep fluffing and adding to the pile so everyone has a soft and cushy landing.

You can make this activity even more fun by first creating some “photo booth props” and bringing them into the out doors. Use these props when jumping into the leaves and host your very own fall photo shoot.

7. Host A Cookie And Ornament Party


Invite friends and family to a fun afternoon cookie decorating and ornament party. Party goers can decorate cookies with frosting and other toppings to take home with them. Keep the holiday theme going with an ornament station where everyone can make a free christmas ornament to hang on their tree this coming year. Reconnect with friends old and new for a wonderful time.

The fall season is sure to be the best season for family fun. Get outside and enjoy all the activities that are happening in your area today.

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