Frugal Ways to Save this Fall

Everyone feels the pinch of the hard economic times, and there are a lot of ways to get a few dollars back in the pocket. The daily activities that people engage in present money saving opportunities that some are not even aware of. A simple thing like closing the windows or shopping at the right store can help a homeowner save on expenses. So, how can individuals be frugal this fall and ensure that he or she spends less?

Cook Meals from Scratch
Some people may not realize it but eating out and ordering take out adds to a significant amount of money each month. It is less costly to buy all the ingredients and put together a healthy meal at home. It is not to say that eating out is completely out of the question but reducing the frequency leads to substantial savings.

Cook Seasonal
Seasonal meals mean having to pay less for ingredients. Find out which foods are in plenty in fall and shop for those. An individual living close to a farm can stock up on fall vegetables and fruits to last a good while. Alternatively, planting a kitchen garden with fall plants will offer the same advantages. The savings are even more because there is no shopping.

Plan your Shopping
Shopping without a plan only leads to impulse purchases, which is one surefire way to waste money. A homeowner should have a list of everything that is necessary for the home before leaving for the grocery store. Having a plan also helps to avoid buying unneeded stuff. For instance, buying 15 pounds of cheese for a month when only ten go into use is a complete waste.

Shop Early for Holidays
Winter is closing in, and that means the holidays will start soon. Instead of waiting to run around during the cold season trying to find gifts, now is as good time to do it. Shopping for holidays in advance provides numerous opportunities to find nice gifts at lower prices.

Prep Your Home
Getting the house ready for winter can result in significant savings. The cold season means having the heater on for a good part of the day. Getting the home ready with the maintenance of appliances, insulation and cleaning the fireplace will increase the efficiency of the heater. A winterized home also means no last minute or emergency repairs that can cost a lot of money.

Inexpensive Fun Activities
Going out to dinner, movies or drinks is fun but also costs money. Activities such as hiking, biking, going to the beach, attending local art shows or festivals are all inexpensive. Make a list of some things to do that don’t need a lot of money. USE BONUS CODE: FALLSAVINGS

Reduce Dry Cleaner Visits
Constant trips to the dry cleaner not only cost money but also put wear and tear on clothes at a very fast rate. Getting more than one wear out of clothes is a good way to avoid that. Dress pants and jeans, for example, can be worn more than once.

Cut Gym Membership
There are very cheap ways to keep fit. Paying for a monthly gym membership when there isn’t even enough time in a day to make it there is wasteful spending. Getting a stationary bike or scheduling morning runs will cost considerably less.

Eat Before the Movies
All moviegoers can agree that theater food is ridiculously expensive. When going to catch a movie, eat something before leaving the house. It will be hard to waste money on buttered popcorn and soda when the tummy is full.

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