Frugal Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s is one of the most romantic holidays of the year. When it comes to showing someone how special they are, finding things to do shouldn’t have to break the bank. The following date ideas may sound fancy, but they’re very budget-friendly.

Indoor Picnic

indorr fire-ES Date

Dinner at an expensive restaurant can be costly. It can also be crowded and noisy when it’s spent with thousands and thousands of other Valentine’s Day revelers. Instead of a meal out, try putting together a basket full of picnic fair and setting a blanket in front of the fireplace for two. It can be made extra special when the meal is made at home. Romantic foods can include cold chicken, sandwiches, veggies and salads. Dessert can be especially tantalizing to the taste buds when serving chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. 

Rewards Programs

EarningStation allow users the chance to earn gifts when they sign up for websites, shop, take surveys, refer friends and complete offers. Once the StationDollars are earned, they can be put toward prepaid gift cards . This is especially handy when cash is limited and celebrating Valentine’s Day is important to a loved one. 

Movie Marathon

Movie night-ES Date

Some of the best days as a couple are the one’s spent at home. Simple things can also be more warming to the heart than an expensive bauble or trinket. Put together a box full of the most romantic and sappy movies and watch them on the couch with your valentine. Put a frozen pizza in the oven, pop some corn and just chill. 

Treasure Hunt Adventure

Looking to do something really exciting and fun for Valentine’s Day? How about putting together a treasure hunt? The first clue begins the adventure via text message or email. The clues can then be set up at home, in the car or at a friend’s dwelling. The final clue should lead them to the prize. Ideas for the end gift can include anything from a home cooked meal to a memory box filled with items saved from their early dates as a couple.

Game Night

Games-ES Date

Put the smartphones and tablets away for the night in favor of a board game. Monopoly, Risk, Sorry and Trivial Pursuit are popular and entertaining. Instead of purchasing the games, opt for card games instead such as pinochle, gin rummy, black jack or hearts.

In-Home Spa Night

Pamper a partner with an in-home spa night. Set up the home to include a manicure and pedicure station. In addition to finger and toe polishing, the Internet has a host of recipes that are sure to make the perfect homemade sugar scrub. Help your Valentine to relax further with a soothing body massage. Dim the lights, light some candles and set the mood with a little background music. Essential oils such as lavender, rose and spearmint can help moisturize the skin and promote better relaxation.

Have a Coffee Date

coffee date-ES Date

Instead of the typical coffee house, choose a café that is steeped in romantic ambience. Skip your normal cup of Joe for something more decadent and frothy. Compared to the price of a cocktail, a coffee date is relatively cost-friendly so don’t be afraid to order dessert. 


Valentine’s Day can be stressful, especially if there is concern about where the funds are going to come from to pay for the date. Whether the day is spent together at an animal shelter walking dogs or building dwellings for those who are homeless, they’ll see just how big a heart you have when it’s spent volunteering for those in need.

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