Friday is the Best Day of the Week


  1. It’s a kickoff to the weekend. You get to relax, play, and discover!
  2. It is the one day a week that everyone looks forward to.
  3. It is the end of the workweek for most and the beginning of the weekend adventures.
  4. It is the best day to play hooky from school, work, really anything! Just don’t get caught!
  5. The other days of the week seem more serious, while Fridays are casual and your time to be silly.
  6. For most it PAYDAY!
  7. Everyone just seems to be in a better mood.
  8. One step closer to Sunday football!
  9. Nothing seems as bad on a Friday, you are more willing to take on those dreadful tasks that you do not just want to deal with on a Monday.
  10. You have a little more pep in your step in the morning!

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