How to Have a Dinner Party on a Budget

How to Have a Dinner Party on a Budget

Dinner parties are a wonderful opportunity to bring family and friends together to enjoy great food and wonderful conversation for a few hours. However, as enjoyable as these events can be, they can also cost a small fortune. You may have established a fixed budget that you are working with for your dinner party, and you may be wondering how you can create an amazing event that everyone will love without exceeding your budget. The good news is that you can save money on your next dinner party by following a few important tips.


Keep the Guest List to a Minimum

The number of guests who you invite to your dinner party will play a direct role in the overall cost of the event. With this in mind, you should focus on keeping the guest list to a minimum. In fact, when you think about the cost of food and alcohol, you may easily spend $20 to $30 or more per person. You can see that trimming down your list is an effective way to reduce the overall cost of your event. However, there likely are some individuals that must be invited. Avoid trimming down your guest list so extensively that you risk jeopardizing some of your relationships.


Select Your Menu Options Carefully

When your goal is to keep the cost of your dinner party as low as possible, you understandably want to prepare your own foods rather than hire a caterer. The menu options that you select will play a direct role on cost. Some meats, such as chicken and pork, may be far more affordable than others, such as beef or certain types of seafood. You can also cut down the portion sizes for the expensive meats that you select by adding another side dish or bread to the meal. These can make dinner plates look more diverse while also filling up your dinner guests at little cost.


Choose Affordable Alcoholic Beverages

You also need to think about the alcohol that will be served at your party. In many cases, the host will provide alcohol to guests. It may be acceptable to have one type of drink offered, such as margaritas if you are hosting a Mexican food-themed event. On the invitation, mention what will be served, and your guests may choose to bring some additions to the menu as well. Openly accept offers by others bring alcohol or to contribute food dishes. This can save you a tremendous amount of money when hosting a dinner party.



Focus on Dressing Up Your Décor

You do not have to spend a fortune on festive décor to create a great ambiance in your space. After thoroughly cleaning your space before the event, consider how lighting and music can impact your ambiance. You may even consider burning a few candles to adjust the mood as desired. In many cases, one or a couple of carefully selected decorative items will create desirable results, and more decorative pieces may actually be overkill. Shop online to enjoy a better selection of décor and to more easily comparison shop to find a great deal.

Borrow Supplies as Needed

There may be instances when you need to obtain extra supplies for the event. For example, you may need an extra table and chairs for guests to sit at. Perhaps you need a fondue pot for one of your dishes. Rather than purchase extra supplies, consider borrowing them from a friend who will be attending the event. This simple step may potentially save you hundreds of dollars when you are hosting a dinner party.

While hosting a dinner party can be expensive, you can see that you can easily trim down your expenses without negatively affecting the overall experience that you provide to your guests. As you prepare to host your next big event, consider following some of these excellent tips to plan your event on a dime!

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