Black Friday Shopping Tips


When we think of Thanksgiving, it is hard not to think of turkey, dressing, giving thanks, and Black Friday Shopping. Black Friday is the one day of designated shopping where we can cross every person off of our holiday shopping list. But it can also be a very stressful day. There are crowds and it is often difficult to find our desired items. Here are a few tips to help you out:

1) Research

If possible, we should always do our research ahead of time. Knowing exactly what each store has to offer is the best way to get the best deal. Many stores will begin distributing their Black Friday sales ads weeks prior to the actual sale day. A simple web search will usually result in easily accessible ad scans. This way we can know ahead of time whom is going to have what.

2) Teamwork

We’ve done our research and found the perfect items at the perfect prices. The only problem is the items are at different stores and the sales all start very close together. There is no way we can be at two places at once to get all of the amazing deals. Or is there? Like anything else in life, sometimes Black Friday shopping is best done with a group. Grab a couple of friends to divide and conquer the stores. Each friend is given a specific store and a list of items that each person wants. He or she find the items on the list and purchases them. Then we all get to have a nice lunch together and switch out items. Another helpful hint, if the divide and conquer strategy is chosen, is to have a designated driver. This person can drop off and pick up team members, so that no one has to waste time finding a parking space.

3) Check the Return Policy

Before we buy a cartload of items, it is always important to check the store return policy. Some stores will have a no return policy for Black Friday items. This can become a big problem for the receiver of the gift if they decide to return it. Check with each store and make sure that the same return policy applies to these items as items bought every other day of the year.

4) Think About Your Outfit

No, this isn’t about fashion do’s and don’ts, but think about this, many stores do not allow people to wait inside before the sales begin. It is the end of November and it is probably cold outside. But when inside, with all of those people crowded together, the temperatures will rise quickly. It is for this reason, that dressing in layers is essential. Wearing a jacket or coat that can easily be removed is the easiest way transition from outside weather to inside weather.

5) Plan A Budget

Yes, on Black Friday, there are a lot of fantastic deals to be found. However, breaking the bank and charging up all credit cards will only cause headaches later. Instead, sit down and plan out a budget of what can be spent. Then use ads to find the best deals so that the most merchandise can be bought with the given amount of money.

6) Try to Keep Calm

This is extremely important. When we are bargain hunting our tempers seem to be on edge. Take a deep breath and remember that with crowds and limited inventory comes pushing, shoving, yelling, and emotions. There is a reason that there have been 86 injuries on Black Friday over the past decade. People lose their tempers or their patience and act rashly. Don’t be one of these people. Take a deep breath and keep your cool.

So consider these tips and have a happy Black Friday and remember, if crowds aren’t your thing, there is always Cyber Monday!

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