Back-to-School Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Back to School-ES

1.Put up a Family Calendar
With the start of school, suddenly kids are overwhelmed with activities. For families with multiple kids, this can make for an organizational nightmare. It is a terrible feeling to realize that you forgot your child’s band concert or football game. To prevent this from happening, put up a big calendar in the kitchen. This calendar should be used to note every family member’s activities. You can always keep track of things better when you have a handy, centrally located calendar that everyone in the family has easy access to.


2.Make Homework Time Less Painful


ES Back to school-HomeworkIt can really be a drag for kids to have to start doing homework again at the start of the school year. You can make the process less painful by using a simple timer while they are doing their homework. Set the timer for 20 minutes. They can do 20 minutes of homework, and then they can have a five-minute break for a snack or just to relax. Repeat as necessary, and they will be done with their homework before you know it and without getting aggravated.

3..Bring out the Label Maker
Kids are very good at losing things. This is especially true at the start of the school year when they are overly excited about seeing all their friends again. To prevent these missing items from disappearing permanently, it is very helpful to label everything your child brings to school. This includes their lunchboxes, clothes and backpacks. If the item has a name on it, it will likely be returned to your child. If it is not returned, they can more easily pick it out of the lost and found at school if it is labeled.
4.Ease the Kids Back into the School Schedule

ES_Alarm Clock Back to School
If kids have been sleeping late all summer, you cannot expect them to suddenly get up early enough to catch the bus to school when the big day arrives. Instead, you should spend the last couple of days leading up to the start of school to slowly adjust their sleep schedule. Wake them up a little bit earlier each morning, and they will be ready to get up on-time when the first day of school comes.

5.Have Everything Laid out the Night Before
You can almost count on something going wrong the morning of the first day of school. It is almost like clockwork. One of the kids will throw a tantrum or something will be missing. To prevent rushing around the morning that school begins, you should organize all the things your kids will need the night before. This includes their clothing, lunches, backpacks and school supplies. If you have all of these things already laid out, it will give you plenty of time to handle any minor disasters that occur on the big morning.

6.Take Pictures
ES-Back to School Pictures
The first day of school is always a big milestone occasion. Be sure to capture it by taking plenty of pictures. At a minimum, you should have your child hold up a sign that states the date and that it is the first day of whichever grade they are starting. Take this picture in front of the school sign to capture a wonderful memory that you will be sharing proudly at their high school graduation party.

It can be overwhelming trying to handle the back-to-school season. Just remember to take a deep breath and realize that everything will work out. If you follow these tips, you will find that things go much more smoothly when the kids head back to school.

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