7 Ways to Make Meal Prep Easy and Inexpensive

7 Ways to Make Meal Prep Easy and Inexpensive

Preparing meals at home is the most important step to eating and living healthy. You are in control of everything you put together to make the meal, and your dietary habits will improve! But meal prep isn’t easy…it takes time, dedication, and money. Luckily, there are short cuts you can take to make great meals without compromising quality. These ideas will save you time, reduce your expenses, and help you deliver incredibly rich meal prep for yourself and your family.
1. Make Sure You Have All the Containers

1000-meal-prep-parkerOne of the most annoying things when prepping meal is not having enough containers to store your ingredients and veggies. Ensure that you have enough containers and bowl to store your fresh veggies, smoothies, and healthy snacks. Meal prep containers that are leak-proof and air-tight are the best. You know the containers are going to be subjected to very low temperatures so choose the ones that can withstand the cold and still retain the taste.




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casserole-2386835_960_7202. Make Use of Slow Cooker

Slow cooker should be your best friend when planning for meal prep for the week. Slow cooker helps you save time and effort as you can add all the ingredients at once and do whatever else you want to do while your food is cooking. Slow cooking will retain or even intensify the flavor of your meals, and you can cook the perfect meals while you sleep.


3. Have a Solid Plan for Your Meals97BEDE6ZTB

When prepping your meal for the week, there is always the tendency to overdo things and go beyond your limits. Have a solid plan and stick to it no matter what. It will not only save you time and money but ensure that you’re not giving in to unhealthy choices. Stay organized when you’re shopping for groceries. Have more variety in your collection, get free Christmas recipes, and ensure that you have balance in the kind of meal you prepare for every night.




4. Keep It SimpleR9NVKUDRUH

Your biggest problem when prepping meal is making up your mind on what to cook. Meal prep is complex on its own, and you don’t want to make it worse by adding too much to what you already have. Choose simple meals and recipes that won’t require you reading a whole cook book or going to a different grocery store to find the ingredients.


5. Cook Veggies and Grains All At Once foodiesfeed.com_cous-cous-with-vegetables-in-a-pan

Vegetables are delicious, and they offer all the nutrients and vitamins you need to stay healthy. Instead of prepping your fresh veggies every day, cook them all at once. Any one you plan to eat during the week just freeze and then, heat and eat. Your grains should also get the same treatment. Freezing grains will make it easy to prepare healthy rice meals and wholesome food very quickly.


6. You Can Start With Twice a Week

Most people prep their meal all at once, usually on a Sunday. If you are new to meal prepping, this could be overwhelming. You can divide the days of your preparation into two, so it can be easier to deal with.


7. Share the Load woman-1979272_960_720

You don’t have to do the work all by yourself. Get the children to join in by helping you do some work like peeling potatoes, cracking eggs, reading recipes, and cutting butter among other things.




Meal prep can be fun, quick, and easy if you know the right thing to do. The most important points are to stick to your plan, keep it simple, and avoid unhealthy foods getting into your list. Experiment with different ideas each week, use meal prep ideas, and avoid recipes that make things harder for you!

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