7 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is the most important holiday to show your mother just how much you care and appreciate who she is in your life. Although it can be easy to get a bouquet of flowers to show your love, there are a number of gift ideas that require more thought and creativity. When you want to gift the perfect gift, there are a few options to consider for the special day.

1. Engraved Frame

Add extra sentiment with your Mother’s Day gift by having a frame engraved with a special message that you want to convey to your mom. Include a photo of you both inside of the frame, which she can use in her home or office. The frame can be an item that is used for a lifetime and will allow her to reflect back on a special memory that you both share.

7 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas - ES4112. Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a custom jewelry item that is specific to your mom’s interests and lifestyle. You’ll have the option to handpick each charm that is placed on the bracelet to ensure that it encompasses who she is as an individual. Consider including charms that represent her favorite hobbies, activities, or sports. Consider adding a small airplane charm to represent her love of traveling or even a pink ribbon if she’s a breast cancer survivor. You’ll have the opportunity to give her more charms in the future for gifts that will enhance the design of the accessory and can be shown off to her friends.

7 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas - ES4113. A Day at the Spa

Allow your mom to feel pampered by giving her a day at the spa. She’ll feel spoiled getting a facial, massage, or by taking a relaxing mud bath for an incredible way of feeling rejuvenated and having an escape. This will help her to unwind and have a break from doing laundry or cooking for the family.

4. Photo Blanket

Instead of making your mom a photo album, give her an item that she can use consistently while spending time at home. Design a photo blanket through an online website, which will display photos of all of the children onto a product that she can use to stay warm. She’ll enjoy seeing the smiling faces of her kids on the material and can have a keepsake that she truly values.

7 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas - ES4115. Bath Salts

Your mom may be someone who spends all of her time serving her family, which can make it easy for her to neglect herself over time. Help her to relax and unwind each day by giving her a variety of different bath salts, which can allow her to relax and feel pampered in the comfort of her home after a long day. Choose scents that are specific to her preferences and are feminine. You can even pair the bath salts with a good book or a set of candles that she can use while getting alone time.

7 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas - ES4116. Floral Notepads

Mothers who enjoy writing their thoughts and jotting down notes will appreciate receiving a set of floral notepads for Mother’s Day. The item is one that she can use when she wants to express her feelings or simply write down her grocery list throughout the week. Instead of resorting to stock paper, floral notepads will allow her to enjoy products that have a beautiful design and are the perfect gift to give for the holiday.

7. Jar of Loving Notes

Encourage your mother and make her feel loved by writing sweet notes on different pieces of paper. The messages can be placed in a mason jar and wrapped with burlap or ribbon for a handmade gift that is filled with love. Have each child write down something that they love about their mother or a special memory that they remember, which she can read on Mother’s Day or open in the coming months when she wants to feel special.


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