6 Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for A Successful Camping Trip

While the current weather may drum up images of many things that do not have to do with being outside, warmer weather will be here before too long. With it, plans for vacations, road trips, and other outdoor activities will soon follow in tow. One of the most popular of these activities is camping trips. In this post, we are going to cover six popular tips, tricks, and hacks that will help to make any camping trip a success.

Use A Garbage Bag to Keep Things Dry

When planning a camping trip, one of the first things most campers plan for is the weather. Mother Nature isn’t always predictable and planning ahead can help to avoid having a pack full of wet clothes. Since they are needed for the trip anyway, line backpacks or bags with a garbage bag will help to keep clothes dry and save on valuable storage space.

Get Double Use From A Sleeping Bag Case

Nobody wants to spend time in the great outdoors without something to rest their head on at the end of a long day. However, nobody really wants to pack extra items during a camping trip that takes up a lot of space. Packing clothes inside of the sleeping bag case will not only serve as a comfy pillow at night but it also eliminates the need to pack a pillow.

Help Repel Mosquitoes With A Household Spice

Nothing is more perfect than a night around the campfire telling stories and eating smores. Well, except for a night around the campfire telling stories and eating smores without having to deal with the vampires of the insect world, the mosquitoes. To help keep the bloodsuckers at bay, toss some sage into the campfire.

Start A Campfire With This Popular Snack

Can’t find any suitable kindling to start the campfire? Grab the Doritos, or any corn chip snack, as a substitute. The corn oil found in these types of snacks is flammable and causes them to burn steadily, making for a great way to get the campfire going.

Have Eggs at Breakfast Without the Mess

Having eggs for breakfast is a great way to start any day when on a camping trip. However, trying to transport the overly delicate food item can be a challenge and a real pain to have to clean up if they happen to break. Instead of risking a potential messy disaster, try this. Crack the eggs before traveling and put them in a water bottle. Keep them chilled and it’s eggs for breakfast without any eggshells to deal with and no risk of broken eggs to clean up.

Keep Comfy Sleeping Socks

While it may only be a mental benefit, having clean and comfortable socks when crawling into the sleeping bag can be a real morale booster. Keep a comfortable pair of socks on camping trips that are only used when sleeping.

We hope that you have found these tips, tricks, and hacks helpful for when you plan your next camping trip. Please feel free to leave any feedback you would like, we love feedback. Good luck and happy camping.

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