6 Gardening Tricks and Tips You’ll Wish You Learned Sooner

The weather will be getting warmer in just a few months. If your garden has more weeds than plants, then it’s time to take good care of it. Here are six tricks and tips you can use to maintain the life of your lawn and grow your own vegetables. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a large home, you can still have the garden of your dreams.

Know What You’re Going to Grow

Before you start your garden, you need to know what you’re going to grow. Check out your hardiness zone, which tells you what kind of plants will survive throughout the year. It depends on the minimum winter temperature in your location. This should be your first step in figuring out which plants you can grow.

Water Less Than You Need to 
The less water, the best for your plants. Water keeps your garden, lawn, and plants as healthy as possible. You’ll find that you’re watering more than you need to. You should be watering only once a week. Every time you turn on your sprinklers, make sure your garden and plants get up to one each of water. If it rained, then you can water them with less.

Learn the Secret to a Healthy Lawn

Lawn maintenance is the secret to a healthy lawn. Regular maintenance is important all 12 months of the year, but especially during the hottest months. Don’t forget to mow your lawn. The grass should be four inches tall in the summertime.

The additional height allows it to retain more moisture after it rains or when you water it. Mowing your lawn in the morning may seem like a good idea, but it’s best to mow it when the grass is completely dry. The wet grass can ruin the discharge chute and mower tires. Also, run your sprinklers in the evening or late at night so the grass isn’t wet the next time you mow it.

If you’ve had your lawn mower for a few years, it’s time to upgrade it. You can fine-tune your lawn mower by changing the oil and sharpening its blades. This prolongs the life of your mower and gives your grass a clean cut. Mower maintenance will prolong the life of your lawn so it doesn’t die during the hot summer months.

Garbage Can Help Your Garden Grow

If you want to prolong the life of your flowers and plants, then use coffee grounds. What’s normally thrown out can be used to enhance your compost pile and soil. There are several ways in which coffee grounds can enhance your garden. There are plenty of food scraps that you can use around the garden to promote your plant’s growth.

A compost pile can help you make good use of your food waste. This is simple to create and provide plenty of fertilizer for your entire garden.

Grow Vegetables in Your Apartment

If you don’t have a backyard then look no further than your apartment. You can have your own garden of plants and vegetables. Use your outdoor balcony to grow beans, tomatoes, and other plants that require sunlight. If you have room indoors for potted plants, you can still grow carrots, herbs, lettuce, and other vegetables that don’t require as much sunlight.

Bring Your Technology Outside With You

Use technology to your advantage. You can create your own Wi-Fi-enabled garden. It can let you know if your plants and vegetables are getting the right amount of sunlight and water. These systems are so small that they can fit anywhere in your house.

If you’re still using an old-fashioned sprinkler system, it’s time to upgrade. The new smart sprinkler system allow you to create a schedule based on the climate, soil condition, and types of plants you own. Your smartphone can give you weather conditions and gardening advice before you tend to your garden.

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