5 Awesome DIY Activities for Kids


5 Awesome DIY Activities for Kids

Part of being a parent is finding fun and creative to keep the kids entertained and allow you to spend some much-needed time with them. There is no doubt about how stressful it can be to search the internet for different intriguing and easy activities to do with your little ones. To make things a little easier for the aspiring a list of 5 awesome DIY activities for the kids that the whole family can enjoy (and won’t make you pull your hair out)!

Hidden Treasure Digging

This activity is super simple and extremely enjoyable! There are just a few simple steps for preparing this activity, and you can use things around the house. First, Grab a medium-sized bucket and shovel (I used the shovel and pail that my children use at the beach). Next, fill the bucket about half-way with sand. Finally, bury costume jewelry, little plastic animals, or anything you think the kids would be excited to dig up!

Pasta and Bean Bracelets

This activity is a classic and has always been a favorite amongst kids that participated in it. This is another simple and quick-prep activity. The ingredients needed for this activity are pipe cleaners (I like to use the multi colored ones), dried pasta, pony beads, and containers to sort the beads and ensure you don’t find beads on the floor two weeks later. While you are gathering supplies, A great way to get the kids involved and keep them entertained for a moment is to allow them to sort the beads in to their own containers by color. Once all of the supplies are gathered, tie a loop at the end of each pipe cleaner so the beads will catch and not fall off the other end. Allow the kids to create their own designs and patterns with the pasta and beads. They will be so proud of their creation!

Handprint Cards

This activity is extremely budget-friendly and doubles as a special keepsake. This activity is recommended for younger kids, but can be enjoyable for anyone involved. All you will need for this project is paint (I highly recommend washable), construction paper, and scissors. You are free to add any extra supplies such as glitter, markers, etc. to add a personalized touch to the card.

Marshmallow Sculptures

This activity allows kids to bring our their creative side and exercise their imagination with two basic items. For this project, you will need toothpicks and mini marshmallows. Demonstrate to the kids how to stick a marshmallow at each end of a toothpick, then attach another toothpick to the marshmallow. It is fascinating to see the different sculptures your children will create.

Ice Cube Painting

This activity can be a little messy, so it is advised to conduct. There are only four simple ingredients for this project: assorted sizes of cups and bowls, food coloring, a freezer, and water. First, place all of the cups and bowls on a table or a counter. Next, put a few drops of food coloring in each cup or bowl. For extra fun, drop a different color in each container. Next, fill the containers with water and place them in the freezer. Once the water has frozen, remove the containers and run warm water over the outside of them. This helps to allow the ice to separate from the container and slide out with ease. Once you have removed all ice cubes from their containers, take the kids to a mess-friendly spot and watch them create a world of color! This projects works perfectly for kids of all ages because it is non-toxic and does not stain.

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