10 Best Ways to Save Money on Groceries

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  1. Coupons – We know you have heard it over and over again! Even if you are not a crazy couponer, one or two can always help lower costs! Print from hundreds of Coupons that are available on EarningStation!
  2. Never shop when your hungry– This may lead to purchase of junk food to solve the short term hunger!
  3. Store Brand are the way to go! – These are the best alternative, and most items taste just as good as brand names!
  4. Keep clear of long lines– Ever wonder why they keep all the candy and goodies right by the register? They are looking to catch those impulse buyers!
  5. Get a Rain Checks When a store does not have the item you wanted in stock, always ask for a rain check to make sure you get the sale price for later!
  6. Plan a menu for the week-This may sound ridiculous, but it will help you make a list and keep on track with the items you actually need.
  7. Buy Sales Items– If you know something is going on sale, wait to but it! If you are able to catch a big  sale on the non-perishables buy in bulk! You might not see the savings at first, but your certainly will in the long run.
  8. Know your stores policies– A lot of stores will except your competitors’ coupons for extra savings and even double manufacturer coupons!
  9. Buy in season produces– When produce items are out of season, it can be very expensive and you end up paying a lot more! You don’t typically see a watermelon in the winter months do you? So make sure you can curve your cravings!
  10. Take a peek at the clearance section– It may be small, but there can be some really great stuff in here, who cares if there is a dent or two in the can.

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